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Roll-up Doors by Long Island Garage Door And Gate are custom designed per application. In the design process we take into consideration these major concerns: safety, security, aesthetics and functionality. Today, with various styles and materials that will match almost any decoration ideas you might have for the exterior of your home or business, roll up garage doors are an excellent choice for commercial and residential buildings. Even if you live somewhere where the weather conditions are extreme, you will be able to find a roll-up garage door that is suitable for your need.

Commercial roll-up garage doors are designed for commercial/industrial use. This type of door will be more expensive because it is made for high-traffic areas, where the risk of something running into the door and causing damage is high. Commercial doors are also made to open more than one hundred times per day, which means they can take a lot of mechanical use and abuse.

Residential roll-up garage doors are designed for use on homes. While they are still high-quality, residential doors are made more for a casual amount of opening and closing. If you are opening your garage door more than ten times a day, you will want to make sure your door can handle the use. These doors will not resist denting like the commercial doors, but they will work great and last a long time if you take care of them. These doors may or may not come with garage door openers.

Roll-up Garage Doors Door Materials:


Aluminum roll-up garage doors are stronger than fiberglass, but not as strong as steel. The same annual inspection that is required for other types of roll up garage doors will also be needed for aluminum roll-up doors as well.


Wood roll-up garage doors offer natural wood beauty and some insulation value. Maintenance required with wood will include annual inspections of all moving parts, and new paint, stain or sealant every few years.


Fiberglass roll-up garage door does not require the maintenance of wood, but you will still have to inspect it yearly. Fiberglass doors will never warp or rot in humid climates or cold conditions or dent or rust like steel.


Steel roll-up garage doors are very strong; it can take more damage than other doors. When others dent and break, a steel door might only scratch. Inspect all moving parts annually to make sure it will operate as needed.


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